Invisible Illness

Invisible Illness

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A New Type Of Project

Okay....the weather is horrible here. It is so hot the boys and I actually fried an egg on the sidewalk! With it being so hot and humid around here that means my TN pain has been off the charts. I am doing well enough avoiding any nasty pain meds but that means I spend a lot of time in a dark, quiet room, laying down. Not fun at all.

Anyway, my kids will often come in and sit with me. This gives me such comfort I don't even have words for how much I get from them just being with me. I started thinking that I wanted to do something to give them comfort, too.

I have wanted to learn how to quilt for sometime now, so I decided that is what I would do. I got books from the library, read everything I could find on the internet, and then took the plunge , so to speak.

I started out VERY basic as you can see. I made some mistakes... but my son loves it!! I purchased the cat themed fabric, he is a cat lover, and then used old, out-grown clothing of his that I had been saving for no real reason...or maybe I was, who knows, to make the other squares.

I found it very theraputic to sew, yes I did everthing by hand! I am already starting a second quilt for my middle son. His will be sports themed. I will again purchase some fabric, but I also have a ton of old sports related shirts I can use as well. I will post when that one is done.

Any quilters out there? Would love some ideas on different styles and patterns.


  1. what a cool idea for a quilt.

    so sorry to hear about your medical condition. It must be so very painful. I had shingles (which is in no way near what you suffer from) and the nerve pain I felt in my scalp was unbelievable...your condition must be 100 x's more painful...and at least shingles go away....take care of yourself..sounds like you have a great family support system....praying for you and a medical break through Mary HK

  2. This condition causes so much pain, I can totally understand you. I'm glad to see you have some comfort in your life, it is so important in dealing with Trigeminal neuralgia.
    Pain killers are not the only way to go, did you check any other treatment options?