Invisible Illness

Invisible Illness

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just before 2012

An early Happy New Year to everyone!!! Here is a little PP I did just for a New Year's Eve party page.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Few little Things

Okay, he ended up sideways but I think you can still see him. This guy is an older PP I had done years okay but re-made this year for a scrapbook page showing our yearly Gingerbread making tradition.
One of my favorites, this little guy is always good for cards or scrapbook pages.
The Christmas elf finally found a home on a scrapbook page of our family Christmas shopping.
Snoopy was made as part of a Christmas card but I love him so much I kept him...don't know what I will do with him
My mini Christmas tree made with the Martha Stewart Scoring board. I made different sized rosettes and stacked them together. The star was cut off the George and basic shapes cart. It was a quick and easy project.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elves , Elves, Everywhere!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was busy but still good. The weather was incredible!

Well...with Thanksgiving over it is time to think about Christmas - and look who showed up just in time! I hand pieced these guys and let me tell you it was very time consuming, but I think they turned out pretty cute.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Time For A Little Boy Stuff...

Working on some boy pages this week so I thought I would share some boy related things ....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Woops..Forgot one!

Okay, I forgot to post one of my absolute favorite cards! I love it so much, I don't know if I will actually send it to someone or not. The thought of it being tossed in the trash bothers me. Silly, I know. It's not all that special, it's rather simple, really. There is just something I like so much about it!

Some Thanksgiving/ Autumn Things

Well...the weather here is awful. I guess it is to be expected since it is November. It is just rainy, gloomy and windy. Since I am stuck inside all day, I am trying to put a positive spin on it. Maybe I will get a ton of scrapping done today!

A simple hand-drawn Thanksgiving card.

These are some of my favorite stamps. I use them so much this time of year. These are just some basic deco squares for scrapbook pages or cards. It looks like blue chalk around the edges, but it is silver.

Monday, October 31, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN- enjoy these creepy items!

My kids made this card by embossing the paper and coloring it in, their uncle loved it!

This an older PP I made, but one of my favorite's!

The full version

Another scary Frankenstein.

Simple but cute journal box

Another simple journal box, but I like it!

STAY TUNED! Tommorow I break out the fall and Thanksgiving stuff! There might even been some more freebies, too!

Friday, October 28, 2011

More Cards!!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone! I have been on a card making frenzy the past couple of weeks. I think I am finally done, as I have made over 50 cards for every occasion imaginable. I think I have enough to keep me for a few months anyway :) Some are pretty basic, and some I spent a little more time on. It just depended on my mood at the time.
If anyone wants the witch shoe pattern just leave a message on my blog with your email and I will send it right over. It's an easy one. I saw it some where else and borrowed the idea but changed it up a bit. All of my friends who recieved the witch card laughed , so I think it was a hit!
Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween and GO St Louis CARDS!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Halloween Cards

I made these cards this weekend using my Cricut.

The one with the spooky eyes, is a pop up on the inside. You open it and the BOO pops out at you. I wish you could see it from the picture. It turned out really cute.

The spider web was done using Stickles...that took quite a while!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank You Card

Just a quick post today.

This is a thank You card I made for a beautiful couple I am blessed to know.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Medieval Times

I made this once a long time ago for a swap I was in. At the time I had no idea what I would use it for and gave it away. Well I had to end re-making it. My son was a knight for Halloween a while back and I am getting ready to scrap his pictures, so I needed this paper piecing to go with the pages.
I drew it by hand by looking at a picture I found online. Drawing is NOT easy for me, so it took a REALLY long time. I like the way horse and rider came out for the most part. I have the pattern pieces, if anyone is interested let me know. Once I had the pieces made, it was pretty quick and easy to put together.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away....

It rained here ALL weekend :( It did get me thinking about some old pics I need to scrap of my boys playing in the rain when they were younger. I want to use theses pieces for the pages but I think I need at least one other piece. Or pieces...deco squares?

Any ideas?

More Fun Stuff.....

Working on a nursery rhyme scrapbook as a baby gift for a friend. She is due with twins next month and the nursery is done in that theme, so I thought the book would be a nice touch.

I have not gotten very far yet. Just a few pieces. Hey Diddle Diddle, Farmer in the Dell and Three Little Pigs. Hopefully I will have time to make some more pieces this week.

Not sure I even like the three little is something I made a while back and I hand drew all the faces - trust me I am no artist :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Has Arrived And With It....

Hi All!

Fall has finally arvived bringing sunny days in the low 70's and cool nights, perfect for sleeping. We are in that wonderful time where we have to need for A/C and no need for heat. How perfect!

I love this time of year for two reasons. One, my TN is usually at it's best. Two, the trees start to chnage beautifully around here. Probably not so much this year because of the heat we had all summer and lack of rain, but I will still be on the hunt for photo opps :)

I have been busy working on recipe pages this month. I am making recipe books as Christmas presents this year. I made a few last year and those who did not get one expressed a desire to get one this year! I am coming along and having fun , yet I still have a way to go.

I will have a few dfferent projects going this weekend, so I will have a bunch of things to post soon !

Let me know what you think!

Grandparents Day Card

A card I made for my parents for Grandparents day. I have to admit I scrap lifted on this one. I love the way it turned out though!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday September 11, 2011- Do You Remember?

Do you remember where you were on the morning of September 11, 2001. I do. Ten years after the fact, I can recall with vivid memory where I was, what I was doing and even what I was wearing. If it hasn't faded in my mind in these past 10 years I don't think it ever will. And why should it fade? September 11, 2001, my life changed forever.
In an instant, as I sat there watching the second plane hit the tower, everything I knew, felt and trusted in was shattered. My country no longer felt like my country, my world no longer felt like my world.
As much as I recall where I was and what I was doing that day, I also recall my first thoughts. How was this even possible, and what did this mean for my boys - then ages 5, 3 and 1. I had the urge to scoop them up and run with them, to where I had no idea. I wanted to flee from the horror of the images that were on TV. I wanted to get away from the terror I felt. Realizing there was no where to go, I sat down on the middle of the living room floor and cried. I, know know I was sitting there waiting. Waiting for the U.S to continually attacked. I waited to hear about Chicago, L.A, D.C, St. Louis, all being hit. I was in a sense waiting for the end of the United States. That, thankfully, never came.
It never happened because of our American heroes that day. The people on Flight 93 who prevented another attack and in the process gave their lives for ours. The first responders who ran into the towers, while everyone else was running out of them. The firemen, policemen and anyone else who had the courage to do what needed do be done that day. So many of those heroes lost their lives that day, and in return helped many others to keep their lives, their families, their hope.
That is what I will honor today. I will honor the people who were warriors, patriots, and true Americans. They lost their lives, they left families behind and devastated. Yet they managed to leave us with something to live on for the coming days, weeks, and years. Hope. Throughout our American history there were many times when all we had left was hope. We made it through on hope before , we can do it again.
In your own way, this day, honor the innocent lives lost, the heroes who were wiling to give their lives for our country, and will continue to do so while the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Remember the families who have lost their loved ones. Remember our American Heroes. Take in the sight of our flag still standing. And most of all , remember we still have hope.

I remember, do you?

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Another day over 100 degrees here. Staying positive and starting a new project. My son was a pirate for Halloween last year - here are some things I am going to use on his pages. The tags are probably some of the more favorite things I have made.

Let me know what ya all think!