Invisible Illness

Invisible Illness

Monday, June 15, 2009

Think People And Puppies And What Do You Get?

People Puppy Chow!! Yummy!! My group is working on recipes swaps and this is one of mine. I have a real problem with liking anything I make, it makes my husband crazy, but I have to admit I am liking this recipe page :) If you can't read the directions and want this recipe, email me or leave me a message here. I will happy to send it over to you!

I am going to try to scrap through out the day..the boys and I were planning a hike today but we have been rained out :( It is raining like mad - almost two inches has fallen in less than 4 hours. Nearby rivers and creeks are overflowing already. We are still due more before it will move out of the area.

Rain means pain for me - I am trying to get some scrapping done, but I don't know how much will actually get accomplished when I feel like this. The pressure in my face is horrible and the pain is starting to get really bad. It is only a little after noon, so I know I am in for a pain-filled day. I need some dry weather soon!!

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