Invisible Illness

Invisible Illness

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Is Here At Last!

My pain is really, really bad right now :( I went for my six month dental visit Friday morning and suffered through a teeth is a catch 22, if I go to the dentist I am in pain, if I let my teeth go I will be in pain...I choose to keep my teeth as healthy as possible. Guess what? No cavaties! The rest of the family was not as lucky, though... Well, enough of my whining...the weather here is incredible today!! Sunny and 83, no humidity. If only summer could stay like this! Even though my pain has been pretty awful I was able to spend part of my day outside. In keeping with my summer mood, I am posting a recipe page I just made. Yes, I even scrap my recipes. I am making books, one for each of my boys, it will be a wedding gift to them and their brides when they marry. It will have all of there favorite recipes inside, plus some little extras thrown in a long the way, funny stories about them, embarassing pictures....he, he he, they will love me for it :)
This particular recipe is a family favorite. The paper piecings took me foverver to do, and the vellum drove me crazy...but I think it turned out okay.

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  1. this recipe not only sounds good, it looks fantastic