Invisible Illness

Invisible Illness

Friday, August 21, 2009

Recipe Pages....

This recipe for Watermelon Ice Cream Cake is not only good, the kids will love that it looks like a watermelon! Give it a try next 4th of July - it will be an instant hit with everyone!!

First of all, let me say that I got this idea from another recipe page I saw for cookies and adapted it to fit my needs. It was a bit of a pain to type the recipe in a triangle shape, but I like the way it turned out. I used doubled sided tape on the "piece of pie" so it is raised up a bit, that way the recipe slides in and out easily.

This is a true family favorite recipe for summer. Strawberry Lemonade - what could be more refreshing on a hot summer day? Everyone who has ever tried this recipe loves it so I wanted to make a page that would do it justice. I printed the recipe on white Vellum and chalked the edges with a pastel pink liquid chalk pad to give it a little dimension. I cut the straw by hand , I drew the lemons and strawberries, too. The fancy edges on the pink card stark are just decorative scissors. It was quick and easy just like the recipe is :)

The weather is mild and I am feeling SO much better today, as you all might have guessed!! I am working on some projects that I have wanted to finish for a while now. These are just a few of my recipe pages. I collect recipes and I am in the process of making recipe books for my boys - as future wedding gifts :) I am loving the process, except for the fact that it makes me hungry!

If the weather holds this weekend, I will be getting a lot of stuff done and have plenty to post on Monday - so think NO HUMIDITY!!!


  1. I just love your recipe cards! I left you a blog award at my blog for pick up!
    Amy J

  2. Beautiful!

    Yummy. Strawberry Lemonade sounds divine.

    I am with humidity, please. It just drains you physically. Hope your feeling better.

  3. I would love the recipe to the watermelon cake but this is not complete. Could you send it to me or let me know where I can pick it up? Thank you. Love your blog.